Best Cebu Travel Agency for Starters

I visited 10 tourist destinations in the Philippines last year, in different parts of the country. One that strikes me the most is Cebu, which is located in Central Visayas and is sprawling with historical tourist destinations and plenty of good beaches.

If you’re planning to visit Cebu I suggest that you check out Bantayan Island, which takes 5-6 hours of land travel from Cebu City, the heart of Cebu and most likely be the starting point of your Cebu vacation.

A lot of my friends ask me how to go around Cebu. I suggest that you have a travel agency to assist you with your itinerary. It may seem like an additional cost, but trust me, it’s worth it.

So why do I think that hiring the best Cebu travel agency is much cheaper in the long run? Simple, they take care of my travel needs from start to finish and most of the tourist services in the Philippines partner with agencies to get more guests while agencies rely on that relationship to get access to travel agencies at the lowest prices. Think of retailer/wholesaler business relationship.

In this quick post I’ll tell you about the best Cebu travel agency that I recommend, but I’ll go to that shortly.

First I’d like to remind you of a few things about hiring a travel agency. There are a lot of travel agencies in the country, so expect that you will encounter a lot of differences in each of them. This article is meant for those who wish to travel to Cebu as an average tourist with a decent budget. Some┬ácheap Cebu travel agencies will most likely give you cheap services– a cheaper hotel suite, no free breakfasts or poor service, but this does not apply to all of the cheap Cebu travel agencies, of course. So I want to warn you beforehand not to generalize right away, as we have different needs and there’s a huge variety of services that you can get in the travel industry.

The Best Cebu Travel Agency for Starters (In My Opinion)

I suggest you check out Wander Lanes Travel. I can’t say that it really is the best among all, but I have contacted them for all my tours around the country and I’ve had good experience. I have listed all the possible expenses by doing my own research for all services I needed (hotels, transfers, car rentals) before I have contacted them. I have realized that hiring a travel agency, at least Wander Lanes for me, will really save you a lot.

I won’t make this article long. In short, Wander Lanes Travel is the best Cebu Travel Agency for me. I hope this helps.